Coach Sonia Speaker

As a speaker, Sonia brings her expertise and enthusiasm
to every room.

All over the US and Canada, Sonia is a keynote speaker at events ranging from executive topics in the medical field and fashion industry to softer topics like personal transformation and balanced it all as a woman. Whether it’s high-level, large-scale events or niche events, Sonia’s talks are inspirational, motivational, educational, and extremely engaging.

Speaking Topics

Maximizing cusomer experience

Learn a few tips and tricks that will optimize your customer experience. From identifying your target audience to developing direct sales techniques or distribution, Sonia will help you understand your brand power so you can maximize customer perception on all aspects of your business. After all, without a customer, what business do you have?

Women in the workforce

Women have been at the pinnacle of successful businesses for decades, but still aren’t getting equal treatment in the workforce. Sonia’s “Women in the Workforce” talk gives you the skills you need to get what you deserve!

Sales techniques: Retention, cross-selling, follow up

Selling is a skill that requires strong negotiation techniques, a twist of interpersonal psychology, and real-life experience. Once the sale is made, it’s all in the retention, cross-selling, and follow up. Ready to learn it all?

Branding: Building a brand from a-to-z

Building a brand from the onset requires a great deal of market analysis, brand positioning, competitive analysis, development, and an overall business strategy that will ensure your venture will hit intended targets. Once you’ve got the game plan in place, it’s ready, set, go! Sonia has the experience and skill set to guide you through each step.

Turn your struggles into strengths!

Finding it hard to convert sales? Need help developing
your brand? You might know more than you think!  Maximize your skills by implementing various strategies that will strengthen your weak spots. Sonia, will help you focus on your X factor and develop your competitive advantage to tackle each struggle and transform them into new opportunities to grow.

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