Business Consulting


Business Consulting

Coach Sonia’s consulting services focus on my clients’ most critical issues.

An expert in the fashion industry, Sonia has had a successful career running multi-million dollar companies like Vince Camuto. As the President of the fashion house, Sonia grew all three Bernard Chaus Canada brands across the country. Sonia built her career in tandem with Zarby International, distributing huge labels such as Guess Jeans, Rampage, Sanctuary and Vince Camuto Canada.

By analyzing your market, developing your brand, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and setting financial objectives, Sonia will give you the personalized consultation you need to kick your business into high gear!


Business Coaching Session - (500+ tx) ( In-Person or Online over Zoom)

(plus all applicable taxes)
1 Session / 90 minutes


(plus all applicable taxes) ( In-Person or Online over Zoom)

(plus all applicable taxes)
5 sessions of 90 min each


3,500$ (plus all applicable taxes) ( In-Person or Online over Zoom)

(plus all applicable taxes)
10 sessions of 90 min each

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What People Say

I was not expecting the kind of charisma that Sonia brought to the stage. She captivated me within the first 10-seconds and kept me wanting more.

Daniel CEO

I loved hearing Sonia speak at Business Fashion Uncovered. Her insight in the industry was incredibly valuable and you know it came from a place of genuine hard work. It made me understand the fashion industry so much more with the enthusiasm and straight up advice that no one ever gives you about what it…

Isabelle Prize Award Winner Designer