I have the key to success and it is deep down inside of you… let me help you  unlock it!

– Sonia Zarbatany, #CoachSonia


Stop thinking, Start doing!

Sonia’s charisma and can-do attitude inspires you to kick your life into high gear and become your own personal success story.

By sharing her business expertise, Sonia helps you move up the ranks and take charge of your life.

Sonia has converted her entrepreneurial intuition into a teachable skill – with her takeaways, you’ll have the tools you need to get wherever you want to go. As a motivator, business consultant and life coach, Sonia’s positivity radiates; a little bit of time with Sonia and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running!

Sonia uses her platform as a public figure to spread her knowledge on the ins and outs of the business world. Breaking the process down into a 3-step plan, Sonia connects you to your passion, gives you the know-how you need to move onward and start achieving your best life. Sonia’s secret to success is simple: love what you do and work hard at it. By guiding you toward your purpose, Sonia will arm you with the skills you need to execute.


Fashion Expert

An expert in the fashion industry, Sonia has had a successful career running multi-million dollar companies like Vince Camuto. As the President of the fashion house, Sonia grew all three Bernard Chaus Canada brands across the country. Sonia built her career in tandem with Zarby International, distributing huge labels such as Guess Jeans, Rampage, Sanctuary and Vince Camuto Canada.

In 2007, Sonia became a certified life and business coach and used her business expertise as a diving board to spread of her knowledge worldwide, teaching people to connect to what they love and help them forge their path toward emotional and financial success.



Spreading her message that anything is possible, Sonia launched her 10-person workshops, each of which sells out the second she hits “post” on her social media pages.

Sonia facilitates seminars where women from various industries come together to learn the key steps to success and receive focused one on-one sessions all while forming a community filled with fierce and successful women.


Inspiring Women Globally

As a business woman, Sonia has launched several workshops and conferences where she teaches and inspires women to find their passion and transform it into their truth. Her #CoachSonia group coaching events, her Mommy x Me VIP event as well as her She Said She Said conference were huge successes, selling out in record time. She most recently spoke at the Influence Montreal x Malala industry event as a Keynote speaker.

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What People say About CoachSonia

I was not expecting the kind of charisma that Sonia brought to the stage. She captivated me within the first 10-seconds and kept me wanting more.

Daniel CEO